Reorganising my sewing desk - part one

For the past few weeks I've been tidying, sorting and reorganising my house. I've finally got a round to making a start on my sewing desk - one of the last areas that needs sorting, and boy does it need sorting!!
Just look at this mess!

I made a start by clearing everything off it!
The unit is one that we picked up from the side of the road around 10 years ago - someone had left it with a sign on saying 'free!' so naturally I couldn't resist!

The last time it was painted - it was still in my girls bedroom - and they helped paint it!

Here it is cleared of all the junk - and just with my sewing machine and overlocker (serger) left on it.

Here's what our spare bed looks like now! Hope nobody comes to visit us before I finish!!

Now I need to get as much of this stuff back onto the unit - but in a way that I can see everything and get at it without having to move a ton of other things!
So I need to maximise my storage space.

First I thought I'd start on the shelves.

I bought a couple of packets of little hooks..

And with a little drilling - put some up on the top shelf..

Then I measured up and made some hanging pockets!

I thought that way I can store things in the pockets - and still have the space to put things on the shelves!

So far so good!
I'm going to do the second shelf tomorrow, fill them up and see what else I need after that!

I'll post more progress shots tomorrow!

Do you have any great storage ideas? Ways of making maximum use out of small spaces?

I'd love any suggestions, hints or ideas!!


  1. Looks good... waiting to see the whole thing after you finish off with reorganizing....

    1. Thanks Deepthi! I'm loving seeing it take shape in reality after imagining it for so long!

  2. I'm doing something very similar - I recently moved and now have a teeny tiny craft room, so I am trying to maximise my space too... I shall be watching (and possibly pinching!) your ideas with interest!

    1. Good luck with your craft space too! Mine already looks better and more inviting!


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