FREE E-BOOK! Teach your kids to sew with a pair of jeans


I have now made the second of my sewing e-books available for free download!

'Teach your kids to sew with a pair of jeans'

I made a YouTube video explaining a little about what the book contains and showing the items you can make using the tutorials contained within.

To read more about my e-book, click here.

The link to download the book is also on that page.

I've decided to make this e-book available for free-download to try to encourage as many kids (or adults) as possible to use what they've got and learn a new skill.

I encourage you to download this e-book and have a try at sewing any or all of the tutorials within. My kids had a lot of fun learning, and made some fun and useful things along the way.

I'd love if you shared this post, or the YouTube video and help get this e-book out there and as help as many people as possible to learn, teach and encourage others to sew - especially kids!

It is so empowering to make something for yourself. I have tried to make the tutorials as clear and simple as possible with lots of photos.

So click here to read more about this FREE e-book and to download a copy for yourself!

Thanks for your support!