More Angry Birds

Last week I made a plush Angry Bird at the request of my girls.
Well to be honest - it wasn't the one they requested, but just a red 'test' bird.
My girls had each chosen a different bird they wanted - and having decided it was a bit too tricky for them to make themselves, I made them while the girls were at school:
Yellow for the elder daughter:

And black for the younger one:

Another thing ticked off my list for the week and more scraps used up - including the last of my stuffing!

The tutorials and patterns for making all the Angry Birds I got from Obsessively Stitching here.

I have to say it was lovely to sew at my nice 
and use my fancy schmancy new Thread catcher!

I think the birds like sitting up there too - but I'm sure as soon as my daughters get home from school, these little birdies are going to be flying away!!


  1. Snert! Those expressions still crack me up. Madly cute birds, charmingly done!

  2. Haha! I'd love to have them :) Me and my husband used to play Angry birds all the time!

  3. lol these are great, your girls must have loved them

    Brooke x

  4. Hee hee, they are cute (despite their obvious anger). So sweet of you to make these for your little ones!

    1. Thanks Michele - they're well loved already and have visited school for show and tell too!

  5. These are so lovely! You always come up with great stuff!

  6. Thanks Fay! You should make some! They'd be great as Christmas presents!!


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