FREE E-BOOK! Make your own Eco-Friendly Handbag Shopping bag

Today I have made my E-book, with tutorials showing you how to make your own Eco-Friendly Handbag Shopping bag, available for free download!

I made a YouTube video showing exactly what the handbag is like, plus all the shopping bags that you can make to fit inside it, to ensure you never again forget your reusable shopping bags when you go shopping !

To read more about my e-book, click here

The link to download the book is also on that page.

I've decided to make this e-book available for free-download to try to encourage as many people as possible to use what they've got and make something that will benefit not only themselves but also the environment by taking away any need for plastic shopping bags!

I encourage you to download this e-book and have a try at sewing any or all of the bags from the tutorials within.

I'd love if you shared this post, or the YouTube video and help get this e-book out there and as many people as possible to STOP using plastic bags.

It is so empowering to make something for yourself. I have tried to make the tutorials as clear and simple as possible with lots of photos, so even with limited sewing knowledge you should be able to give it a go!

So click here to read more about this FREE e-book and to download a copy for yourself!

Thanks for your support!

Upcycled reusable kitchen towels


I finally got around to replacing my reusable kitchen towels!

About 8 years ago, I cut up an old towel and made myself some which have been very well used! Look at how much they've faded and worn!

This time I chose the simple option of just squares with finished edges instead of bothering with velcro to make it all look like a kitchen roll wrapped around a wooden pole!

I'm really happy with the result:

14 kitchen towels made from just one old towel that was ripped and no longer in use!

I can have just a few sitting in my kitchen at any one time - and more ready to replenish them as they get used and thrown in the wash!

If you're interested, I made a video of the process:
Click here to see the video

Or if you'd like to see the original tutorial, click here

Happy sewing!

Long time no sew! A new peg bag

 Well hello there! I haven't been here for quite a while - but I'm back!

With a video tutorial for this peg bag

Having not done really any sewing other than fixing and mending for several years, it felt good to get back to my machine and create something.

My old peg bag was definitely on its last legs..

I made this one 5 years ago and created this tutorial :

So I downloaded the pattern, chose some fabric from the single box I have left in my cupboard and set to work.

I'm really pleased with the result, and happy to have a nice new peg bag.
I videoed the process and have added this tutorial to my YouTube channel for anyone who prefers a video to a written tutorial.

So once again here are the links: