In my quest to learn what my sewing machine can do - today I want to share what I learned about pin tucking!

A Pintuck is essentially 
a fold of fabric stitched into place.

They are used either just for decoration or to help create shape in clothing.

My sewing machine tells me to use this foot once again (the same one I used for blind stitch hemming)

Then to create the pintuck, you simply fold the fabric where you want it to be, position the fabric so the needle will pierce the fabric just inside the fold 
(depending on how narrow you want your tuck to be)

and adjust the screw at the front of the foot so the sliding part is up against the edge of the fold.

Then let the sliding part of the food guide your fabric through as you sew your pintuck!

I decided to use this technique on my daughter's school dress which had a tear in the back of the skirt part.
The tear was slightly to the side, so I made a tuck in both sides to even it up!

(Don't look closely at the mismatched checks on my tucks. This dress has been patched so many times and only has to last another 4 weeks of school, so it was just a quick fix!!)

So yet another thing learned about my machine!

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