How to make an iPod/MP3 player holder for exercising in 5 steps and 15 mins

A lot of people like to listen to their music when exercising. 
I've seen some fancy armband holders for them  - but there's no need to buy one if you have an old t-shirt! Why not make your own - for free!

Here's how in 5 simple steps and no more than 15 mins!

1. Take an old t-shirt or knit fabric top, scissors and a tape measure

2. Measure around your upper arm:

And the length of your iPod or MP3 player plus 3 cm (1.2") on either side.

3. Cut a piece of t-shirt material,
Width = same as the measurement around your arm
Height = 2 x the measurement you took of your iPod/MP3 player

If you cut from the bottom hem of the t-shirt then that side is already finished!

4. Turn and stitch the other long end (opposite the hem) to neaten

Then fold the rectangle in half - right sides together and unfinished raw edges together.
Pin and stitch.

5. Turn the tube you have made right side out:

Then push half the tube up inside itself to form a pocket for your music player

Slide up onto your arm, pop in your music player and get started on your workout!!

You could even make different colours to suit your workout clothes!!

For the downloadable PDF version of this tutorial, click here.

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More Pencil and Notebook folders and PDF tutorials revamped

This week I've been making a couple of my Pencil and Notebook folders for upcoming boys birthdays.
I found the V8 cars and comic strip fabric in the charity shop and couldn't resist!

The front of the folders:

And the back:

One with a plain inside:

And the other with more comic strips on the inside:

It's tricky to handmade a gift for boys turning 9, but I think these will be ok!

Now I was recently asked for conversions of the measurements on my Pencil and Notebook folder tutorial, so I've been doing a little revamping!

All the tutorials for which I have made PDF downloadable versions available I have now added measurements in inches as well as cm, and I've published them all on Google docs - so it's a simple click away to download them (for free of course) onto your computer!

The link is on each post: here are the ones available as PDF's:
(Click on the photos to go to the post)

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So that's some of my housekeeping done (or should that be blogkeeping?)

If anyone has any more requests or suggestions for tutorials or indeed any part of my blog then do please ask! I'm always looking for ways to improve my work!

Father's Day craft idea - Necktie notebook and pencil folder

This Sunday - 4th September will be

 Father's Day

here in Australia.

Dads are often tricky to craft for - but here's an idea that I came up with at the end of my clothes upcycling month back in May.

Why not use some of his old ties to make something?

I made some little pencil and notebook folders with some old ties:

The tutorial is available here:

You could make a bag for yourself - and a notebook holder for your Dad /Husband!

Happy sewing!