'Use What You've Got'

I hate to throw anything out and have always kept all manner of things as I"m sure they'll come in useful one day for something.

I was lucky enough to learn to sew as a child as my mother and grandmother both sewed and taught me.

I have taken this skill and developed it to upcycle and create things from the resources I have and find just as our grandparents generation did. Their actions were borne out of financial necessity; ours today to do the same thing, should be borne out of necessity to stop the waste and the subsequent damage we are inflicting on the environment in which we live.

I use old clothes, fabric remnants and anything else that I can put through my sewing machine to create things my family and friends need, want and can use.

Creativity is the key to using what you've got.

Over 6 years of blogging I have written and built up a collection of over 150 free sewing tutorials, suitable for all levels of sewing ability. Anyone can sew if you're willing to give it a go. A large proportion of these tutorials have been made using upcycled materials.


I have also produced 2 sewing e-books 

One to help teach your kids to sew - and upcycle too!

And another to make your own set of 
Eco-friendly, upcycled and reuseable shopping bags .

In all I do, I try to encourage others to 

Use What You've Got

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I have also written one more ebook..

"How to turn what you've got into what you need."

Which includes 3 sewing tutorials.

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If you have any comments or questions about things I've blogged about, my tutorials, or anything else, I'd love to hear from you.

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I hope you will explore my blog - there's so much to find from sewing tutorials and clothes upcycling to recipes and posts abut creativity.
Enjoy and don't forget to 'Use What You've Got'!