2015 wrap up

Well this is it - the end of another year.
I always nice to look back and see what I've done and achieved over the past year - so here's my wrap up from 

Creating my way to Success 2015

I added several new sewing tutorials this year - here are a few of my favourites!

Clothes Upcycling Challenge
My main project this year was to upcycle a whole pile of clothes from last year's school carnival

 into things to sell for this year's carnival.

You can read how that all went here.

Teach your kids to sew E-book

I also produced a new sewing E-book this year  - this time showing how you can teach your kids to sew, using an old pair of jeans - also encouraging upcycling.
For more details and to buy this or my other E-book - go here.

And finally, to finish the year off, I received an email this week from AllFreeSewing to say I was one of the top bloggers for 2015!

 My 15 minute apron pattern made it into the 100 most popular patterns of the year! Even though this post was written 2 years ago - it's nice to see it's still popular and bringing new readers through to my blog!

I'm really happy with what I managed to achieve this year, and after a break over the festive season I'm refreshed and ready to start 2016 with lots of new plans and projects!

Thanks for following along this year - I love reading all of your comments, and seeing many of you on my Facebook page where I do linger most days!

I hope you've all had a great 2015 too and that I'll see you again in 2016.