Christmas Shouldn't Cost the Earth

Christmas is my favourite 'celebration time' of the year. I love the build up, the excitement, the decorations, the music and all the fuss. BUT what I don't like is the sky-rocketing cost of Christmas both financially, to buy so many gifts, cards, decorations, clothes etc; but also the environmental cost of the throw away plastic stocking filler toys, the endless packaging, the throw away gift wrapping and overall excess and resulting wastage.  

Yes you can now buy cheap Christmas goodies - ornaments, stockings, decorations etc - but images and stories (like this one from last year's Huffington Post) about where these cheap Christmas things are made provide even more of a reason to make things yourself! Do you want a plastic, artificial Christmas mass produced in China, or a more personal handmade - eco-friendly Christmas just the way you want?

Christmas shouldn't cost the Earth

I believe you can celebrate Christmas in a big way and in style without it costing the Earth.

You can  'use what you've got'  to make and create decorations, gifts, foods etc and do it all in an eco-friendly and sustainable way by using what you've got and being smart.

Click on the pictures and links below to see more.

There is also a group Pinterest board where I invite anyone to add inspiration they find for an Eco and Budget Friendly Christmas. There are already heaps of ideas there - come and take a look!

And here are some of my new tutorials this year for things to sew for Christmas, at little or no cost - 

Use What You've Got!


  1. I've been a secret stalker....I mean follower and have to say I love r your view on things. I thought using the clothes from the lost and found to make things to sell that goes towards your school is awesome. I liked the idea so much i shared it with my school and the pto, which I'm a part of it. It gave me inspiration to start a recycling crafting club with the kids at school this year.
    And I love this idea which I couldn't agree with you more. There's no reason your can't have a magical but thrifty Christmas. I started my blog around the holidays and did a bunch of post of how I have a thrifty holiday.
    I have an idea or two I'd love to share with you, what is the best way to contact you to share my ideas with you?
    Can't wait to see this fun series and where it goes. I'm sure you have some fabulous ideas :)

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments Sarah! That's great you've started a recycling crafting club at school - sounds like an awesome idea! The best way to contact me is by my email: I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas!!

  2. You jave so many great ideas here. And you are totaly right. Christmas should not cost the Earth. Nowodays many people see Christmas just an opportunity to buy many new things and lots of presents. I love all these great idea you have here!
    Hugs, Cris


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