Angry Bird!

The last part of my sewing desk reorganisation has had to wait a couple of days as I enjoy the last of the school holidays with my daughters.

One thing they wanted to do is to try to make their own Angry Bird soft toys!

I found some fabulous patterns and tutorials at Obsessively Stitching.
I made this first red bird myself to test out the pattern 

The girls have now chosen which ones they want - we'll see how we go with me helping them to make their own!

I have to say the tutorials are great! So if you fancy making your own little Angry Bird - head on over to Obsessively Stitching, have a rummage through your scraps and get stitching!!

My sewing desk reorganization will be finished very soon!!! The best bit is the last bit - stay tuned!!!


  1. That is brilliant! I am now wishing I hadn't bought my 2 a set of them!


  2. Hilarious expression on your bird! Good luck to the girls with their fun sewing project!


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