22 Things to Sew in 5 Steps and 15 Minutes

I firmly believe that anyone can sew if they want to.
So I've tried with these particular sewing tutorials to keep things as simple and clear as possible and create a set of things that can be made in just 5 steps and 15 minutes.
Of course this is a guide - some things may take you a little longer, some may even be quicker, depending on what you have on hand and your confidence.
The main point is that they are simple and straightforward and great for beginner sewers just starting out!

I hope you find something you can try. Just click on the pictures below to go to the individual tutorials, and on each post you will find a link for a free downloadable PDF version of the tutorial.

Happy sewing!

Mini Drawstring Bags

Fabric Belts

Notebook covers

Mouse Pad Wrist Rest

Tissue Box Cover

Handibag from a Pillowcase

Fabric Lunch Wrap

Add a Zip Pocket to Shorts
Add a Zip Pocket to Shorts

Personalised Drinks Holders

Shiny Clutch Purse

Giant Twin Zip Pencil Case

Pet Bed

Hair Scrunchies

iPod armband for exercising

Quilted Mobile Phone Case

Sparkly Cushion Cover

Simple Camera Case

Magnetic Fridge Pockets

Simple Tote Bag

Make your own apron