My own version of a pillow pet! - another mid-week upcycle.

Do your kids have Pillow Pets?
My girls got some for their birthdays this year from friends. My eldest got two, but my youngest only got one.
My youngest had asked me to make her one, and this week I finally got a round tuit! It didn't cost me anything - as it was another upcycle using what I already had!

We had this lion 'rug' that was bought years ago when my husband and I went to a fancy dress party. This was part of my husbands costume (he went as a caveman!). Since then, the lion has been a rug when our girls were babies, and then has just been tucked in with the pile of teddies and cuddly toys ever since!

So - this lion rug - together with an old pillow is what I used to make my daughter her new pillow pet!
I used her current unicorn pillow pet as a guide as to how to make it!

I cut...

And pinned..

Thet put the old pillow inside and stitched it all together to make...

He's definitely the old man of the pack now..

A little older and less 'puffy' !

But I'm sure he'll be a wonderful pillow..

And very well loved!


  1. Fun Jill! Been out of the blogging loop a bit but still enjoy a moment here and there to check out your fun stuff. much care.

  2. Wow! That is impressive, Jill! Great job. Never would've thought to make my own pillow pet, but you made it look easy!

  3. that is one awesome idea :) thanks


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