600+ Clothes Upcycling Projects

Not long after I started this blog a few years ago, I discovered clothes upcycling.  I initially started out sewing with old clothes as a way to learn and practise so as to make my mistakes on old fabric.  Then gradually as my girls grew up, I gained a collection of their old clothes that had too many memories attached or were just too cute to pass on or throw out, so I started to find ways to upcycle them into things to keep.

Back in 2011, I set myself a challenge to work my way through my stash of clothes to be upcycled and make something every day for a month. Here are some of the things I made:

And on the last day, to use up the last of the clothing scraps - a scrappy monster that my daughter still has today!

The same time I was doing this challenge myself, I opened up a linky where other people could add their own clothes upcycling projects.  This linky is ongoing and still remains open.  Today it has well over 600 ideas linked up for upcycling those old clothes.

There are some amazing and very creative ideas linked up - from making new clothing items from old, to jewellery, toys, bags and many other things.

To take a look, you can go here.

Over the years I've set myself new challenges to upcycle clothes - larger projects to fundraise for my daughters' school and sporting clubs.

And plenty of upcycles just for my girls and our family.
You can find many of these upcycles in the 

600+ Clothes Upcycling linky

Many on my Upcycle Tutorials Page.

And then of course there's a whole set of posts I wrote, grouping together ideas for upcycling specific items of clothing - everything from t-shirts to jeans, and underwear to swimwear!

So please do take a look around at all the ideas to be found here, 
Clothes Upcycling Linky