A little clothes upcycle for my girls

One of the simplest things I've ever made - and subsequently my most popular tutorial, having been pinned and repinned like crazy - is for this simple iPod or MP3 player armband for use when exercising.

It's a simple clothes upcycle - using an old t-shirt top.
For the tutorial you can go here - it's one of my 5 steps in 15 minutes tutorials that ANYONE can sew!

Here's one of the comments on the tutorial post:

"I just used this tutorial (found via craft gossip) to make a quick arm band holder for my phone. It literally took 10 minutes (would have taken less but my 2 year old was "helping" me) and works great! Thanks!"

Now my girls have their own MP3 players that they like to listen to their music on - and sometimes they listen and dance around too - so I thought they might like their own little MP3 player armbands too!

So - I found a couple of old t-shirt tops in my stash - they're stretched and have some holes in them, but there's plenty of useable fabric there...

And now my girls have their own cute little MP3 player armbands so they can listen to their music and dance around hands free!!

Their armbands will also roll up and fit inside their little
MP3 player cases that I made them from some denim and cotton scraps too: 

(you can find the tutorial for these here)


  1. Very cute! Must make myself one of those armbands. Maybe it might motivate me to actually go running. :)

    1. Thank you!! They're super easy -you should try one!!! :)

  2. The armband is an original idea, I love this project and the other project, the keychain case for the ipod will be handy for when I go to the supermarket to buy food. Thanks for sharing your creations with us. Your creations are adorable! Marisa-


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