Upcycling Jeans - clothes upcycling challenge day 19 and My Creative Space

A month of clothes upcycling wouldn't be complete without a look at jeans.  If there is one item of clothing that I have seen upcycled in more ways than t-shirts, it would be jeans!

First of all, let me show you a couple of my own jeans upcycles which I've done in the past.
First a hair tie and clip holder for my girls, made from an old pair of their jeans:
For the tutorial for this, click here.

Another project- was a pencil case from part of the leg of an old pair of my hushand's white jeans:
Nice and sturdy!

And 3 different sets of 5 gifts from one pair of jeans:



And Thirdly:

For lots more of my jeans upcycling projects and tutorials, check out my Upcycle Tutorials Page

The possibilities really are endless.  Just imagine how many of these you could make from just a single pair of jeans!!  Mmmm, sounds like a good challenge! Anyone up for it??  There seem to be ways to use every last scrap of the jeans!!

I think Blue Jeans are defnintely more effective recycled than white (which is all I have left now)!
Once I've finished upcycling the clothes I have, I might need a trip to the charity shop to find an old pair of blue jeans....

Have you ever upcycled old jeans??
Got a project you can link up to the clothes upcycling linky here:


  1. Oh wow!!! Ok i really need to start saving my old pairs of jeans!!!!!!!!

  2. Great ideas to work with jeans. Might have to try some of those.

  3. Love all those, Jill, and thanks for mentioning my bracelet, too. Those aprons with jean-butt pockets are so funny and practical. And I watched the video, which is wild. Thanks for the link to the giant 53 item list!

  4. Incredible what you can do with humble ol' denim. Love your pencil case

  5. Hi,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment about my bracelets! I can see you're quite the crafting wizard :D

    Love the pencil case you made from your husband's jeans, that would also be a fabulous clutch bag or makeup bag!

    Sadie xx

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my skirt! :)

  7. Wow, so many ways to up cycle some jeans, I love it!

  8. Love all the examples of recycling!!

  9. wow, that is great, so many talented people out there!!

    Visit my blog here

  10. Thanks for featuring my jean sewing machine cover. So many great ideas!

  11. Thank you for featuring my little girl jeans. Got some great ideas from others.. your blog is inspiring.

  12. Great post!!! I love the braclet. Hey thanks for always encouraging my projects. :) The 'Sweet Treats Shop'was a lot of fun with my girlies. Pretend play can keep them playing for hours. :) Keep upcycling!


  13. Hi what happened to the pic/tutorial for the apron made from jeans from the Queen Bee's Hive? I've also seen it pinned on Pinterest but that link doesn't work either. Any info on where I can get directions?


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