Scrap fabric monster - Clothes upcycling challenge day 29

Ok - we're soooo close to the end of the month - and I've finally finshed my box!  Look!

Yay!!  Mission accompished!  Clothes upcycled, reused, mended and chopped!
Although I still have my last big project to show you on Tuesday - last day of the month! So please come back then - it's a good one!

But for now - I want to show you what I made with the scraps!

I took some of the bigger bits out, chopped up the rest into small bits to use for stuffing..

And made...


well, this...

which I thought might like to sit up on a shelf above my sewing machine - as a reminder of my clothes upcycling month - to provide inspiration...

But she has already been spotted by my youngest daughter, named 'Floppy' and added to her soft toy collection on her bed!!

Ah well!  Glad Floppy has gone to a good home!

Success is good!

Upcycling - DONE!!


  1. Floppy is hilarious! What a triumph that she has been adopted - just goes to show!!!

  2. Incredible that you emptied an entire box! I have FOUR boxes full of things to be upcycled. Sigh... I think it would take a year to use it all up!!! Oh, and I have a huge ikea wire four drawer thingy, FULL of scraps. Yeah. I definitely think it'll take a year :)

  3. Floppy is adorable! I'm actually sad your month is almost over as I've really enjoyed what you've been doing!


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