Clothes upcycling day 7 - cushion covers from old sarong

A while ago a friend gave me an old sarong of hers that was very worn and ripped,but is made of such beautiful material she didn't want to throw it away and thought maybe I could make something from it!
I eventually came up with a pair of cushion covers:

So where did I start?
First thing to do was a bit of research on sarongs!  See what ideas there are out there..

I found a blog all about sarongs, which has a few ideas of uses, how to wear them, and also some info about what sarongs are!!

Then there is 101 uses for a sarong,  everything from a steering wheel cover, or a money belt, to a salad spinner...(yes really!) and an emergency pony saddle!  Some very inventive uses!  I've only ever worn mine as a skirt or dress, or used one as a tablecloth!! Clearly my sarongs are underused!!

But in the end, a sarong is really just a rectangle of material, so I can just view it as a nice piece of fabric to make what I like - no premade seams or parts to make use of!

So here was what I started with..
It's hard to see the design well, as the gold embroidery reflects the sun and shines so brightly!!
It does have a LOT of holes in it...

Especially on these gorgeous gold embroidered butterflies..

I did managed to salvage some of the fabric which wasn't worn, and made a couple of cushion covers..

They go well on our day bed outside on the patio.  I think they brighten it up a bit, and also mask the older covers that are getting faded and discoloured from the sun!

Nice eh?

So now I just have to figure out what I can do with the butterfly pieces!
Maybe they can be repaired?

They're just too pretty to chuck out!

Do come back tomorrow to see what my next project is!
And if you have any of your own clothes upcycling projects to share, then please do link them up on this page:


  1. Great use of the old sarong..I am enjoying seeing your upcycling projects.

  2. Love the new pillows and those butterflies are so pretty!!
    Hope you can find something to do with them!

  3. You have got a really useful blog I have been here reading for about an hour. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

  4. Love the cushions and the links to the billions of sarong tips!


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