My Creative Space - Day 5 of clothes upcycling challenge

So far I've been doing very well upcycling clothes.  My plan is to do something every day this month. 

Now, I'm afraid for today, I did managed to remove something from my 'clothes to upcycle' box, but didn't exactly upcycle it!!

It was a pair of shorts belonging to my husband.  At least a year ago, he handed them to me saying the zip was broken, and could I fix it?  
A ZIP????  NO!
Zips scare me and at the time the idea of fixing one was too much, but I kept the shorts in case I could use the fabric for something- much to the disappointment of my husband who kind of liked his shorts as, well, shorts!

Now since then, I have become better acquainted with zips, and last year actually fixed one!
We were having a murder mystery party, and for my character I was to dress 'flashy but trashy'!!
Needless to say, I had nothing suitable in my wardrobe!!  Ha  Ha!!
So I went shopping around the charity shops and found the PERFECT dress for just $10.

Unfortunately when I got it home I found the zip was broken.  Not about to spend any more money for a one off fancy dress, I decided to google 'fixing a zip'
MAGIC!! You can google anything these days
 (I once learned how to patch a hole in our ceiling from a You Tube video!!)

And I managed to fix the zip in my dress!
Here's a rare picture of me in said dress, looking very flashy but trashy!! (the zip was up the front of the dress!! 
I  know - skinny photo!  That's just because I'm so skinny!! He He!!!

Anyhow - I decided that my poor husband's shorts perhaps could be fixed after all! And they could!!

So I'm sure he's going to be happy to find his shorts back in his wardrobe - ready to wear!

With a fixed zip! Good as new!

Unfortunately my shorts with a broken zip, couldn't be fixed - no matter how hard I tried!

So they'll go back in the box to be upcycled in some creative and imaginative way!!

Any ideas??


  1. I totally get it. I have a favorite skirt with a broken zipper. It shouldn't really be that difficult but I have been avoiding it.....

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping! Following you back
    Have a great rest of the week also


  3. I do my best to up-cycle but what I see in my head usually isn't want ends up happening.
    Following you from the Thrusday Cup of Joe hop.

  4. Upcycling, love it! Following you back!

  5. I bet your hubby is happy now he can wear his shorts again but a shame you can't repair yours though. I think with the fabric you could make a little handbag, a purse maybe or I've made a fabric headband. Goodluck with the upcycling.

  6. Wow. Zip-fixing is right up there with neurosurgery in my book. Well done, brave girl!

  7. I sew for fun, never really fixed a zipper or anything, I'm scared to do it too! No idea how to do stuff like that! One day I will though..until then they're in my sewing pile too for a rainy day lol!

    I'm here from Thirsty Thurday comment blog hop! Hope to see a comment from you too!

  8. Thanks for joining me in the Thursday Blog Hop. I am following back. I love the clothes ideas.

  9. I don't have any ideas, but you MUST restyle those, they are so cute! Love your trashy flashy photo!

  10. Eek! Zips! Eek, eek, eek!!! I love to sew and use to make clothes occasionally but zips always freaked me out a bit. Never thought of the google thing. Not sure about the recycling of the shorts. Let us know what you come up with. I recently cut up a whole heap of fully cotton shirts and I am making a quilt top out of them. A Queen size quilt for less than $15.

  11. Now if only I could sew and make cute outfits like that fantastic pink outfit. Totally cute!

    I'm sure you'll think of some great ideas for your shorts :)

    Thanks for stopping by and I'm now following!

  12. I just want to say that I am finding this series you are doing to be VERY INSPIRING! You've already shared such fun ideas!

  13. Haha my sister is a you tube junkie! lol. I love the idea of reusing the old clothes! My mom always used old clothes for rags around the house!

  14. I've learned how to do things with Youtube too! Like how to cut up a whole chicken and such. Looking good in that dress!

    Visiting from the Alexa hop. I also voted on picket fence blogs if you feel like reciprocating?
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  15. Some clever things going on on your blog. I think your shorts could make a pretty sweet clutch purse...

  16. what about Velcro since they're board shorts?


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