Top Ten Time Management Tips

Over the last couple of weeks I feel like I've been sliding away from organisation to chaos.  There are so many different things I want to be doing with my time - but I don't feel like I'm getting any one of them done satisfactorily.

So I thought it would be good for me to take a step back and look at how I should be managing my time better to achieve more and be more satisfied at the my day. I know what I should be doing - but just need reminding of it sometimes!

1. Write a list  
Having tasks on paper helps you to remember them and you can also see them being checked off as you work through them.

2. Prioritize 
Make sure the important tasks get done first - not just the easy and fun ones!

3. Just do it!  
Deal with things like emails straight away - don't just add them to the 'to do' pile. Don't procrastinate!

4. Have fixed task times 
Work expands to fill the available time.  Decide how long you have for each task and stick to it.  Be sensible with this and flexible enough to cope with finishing some tasks a little under schedule and some a little over.

5. No background distractions! 
Make set times to check email, facebook, twitter, pinterest - don't just have them running in the background constantly which would mean you get distracted by every new comment and story! 

6. Stop! 
Take breaks, have a snack, go outside, have a walk.  Even a few minutes can refresh you.

7. Let the phone ring 
Sometimes you need to ignore that ringing and concentrate on the task in hand.  I go on the principle that if it's an important call they will leave a message - or call back.  Think of it as if you're driving and can't answer!

8. Keep your workspace tidy 
When this is a mess - it's just another  task to add to the to-do list.  Keeping things organised and clear helps you see clearly what needs to be done and so makes it easier to do it!

9. Know the best times of day 
Understand what tasks you do better at what times of the day and schedule accordingly.  For example, for me, the light in my sewing room is better in the morning than the afternoon, so I'm far better to sew in the mornings!

10. Accept that there is unfinished business 
Some tasks can be totally completed - others, like housework, gardening, answering emails...are never-ending - or unfinished business.  Learn to accept that some of your tasks are daily, ongoing and never completely finished!

Phew!  well - now I just have to follow my own advice and get back on track!

What do you find helps you manage your time ?
Do you use any of the above strategies?
Do you have any more to add?



  1. Great list! The one I need to remember is 'let the phone ring.'

  2. I'm still struggling to manage time my self, thanks for the tips!

  3. Thanks for these tips.... desperately need these!!! :)

  4. Making a list is half the battle for sure.

  5. I am the WORST at time management...but thanks anyway! I love your blog and I want to share you with others so...Tag, your it! Have fun...

  6. Yes really useful to achievers thanks to update.


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