New bag pattern on it's way !

A friend recently asked if I could make her a bag.  She has one she loves that is wearing out, and has looked and looked in the shops for another just like it but to no avail!
So she brought her old one to me to see if I could made her one just like it!
Here's the original:

And here's the first two I made:
(this one from a pair of jeans I got from the charity shop for 50c!

And the second in a brighter colour using fabric from my rather large stash!

I'm satisfied with the pattern and method now - so I'll make my friend her new bag - and draw up a new tutorial for it too!

I really enjoy the process of making my own patterns - and putting them all together to present so others can follow them too!
Plus it helps me to have a record of how I've made things in case I want to come back to them another time - when inevitably I've forgotten what I did in the first place!



  1. I can see that bag going EVERYWHERE! Love the coral one, such a fun, rich color.

  2. Jill, the coral/orange is great and really shows the bag off. Really like it.

  3. Ooooh, I really love the RED one (guess you're not surprised huh), haha.

  4. LOVE it! Can't wait 'till you put out a pattern. I'm all about chopping up old jeans too.:)

  5. Lovely! Your friend is going to be so pleased she asked you to help out!!

  6. bet she'll love it. So cool to recycle those jeans

  7. I love the jeans bag, so effortlessly stylish!


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