21 days to form a habit - DONE! and what's next....

 Three weeks ago I wrote about being fed up with the mess in my house!  To try to change this I challenged myself to keep the surfaces clear for 21 days.  The theory being that it takes 21 days to form a habit - so if I could continue this for 21 days, then I would become a tidier person as a result!

Well, I DID IT!!

This is the final picture of those 21 days. Each day I took pictures of my surfaces and posted them on Facebook to keep me accountable.  Thanks to all those who encouraged me along the way!

I have always been rather a messy person, so for me, this is a big achievement!


It has got me thinking about what I can do for the next 21 days - trying to think of something bigger better and more productive.....
There are endless things I would like to do, plenty of things to sew, 
lots of things to do around the house, fitness goals...


Since growing my blog - which is slowly becoming a profitable 'job' for me is one of my major goals this year. I've decided to fit this into a 21 days to form a habit challenge.

There are endless websites out there and great blog posts, courses and information. I've looked at many over the past year and implemented some of the suggested ideas, trying as best I can to adapt and fit them to my 'creative' blog.

 My blog has grown as a result, but I want to aim higher, bigger and better! and I also want to grow my second blog - Be Our Best.  For those of you who have followed me for a while - you may have seen I wrote these as my main goals for 2012 . It's now 2 months into the year, and I've made a little progress, but feel I could do more!

SO, here's my next 21 days to form a habit challenge. One that will stretch me and push me and if I can stick to it, should bring great benefits!

Each day for the next 21 days, I will actively DO something to promote the growth of my blogs. Not just read things and say - yes that sounds like a good idea - but take ACTION! I know some days I will find this hard - particularly at the weekends, but if I'm serious about making blogging profitable for myself, then I have to commit to time and effort!  Of course I'd like this to become a habit - because I don't just want my blog to grow for 21 days - but to continue growing long term! 

As with my last 21 day challenge, I will post each day what I'm doing on my Facebook page.
So if you're interested, or want to join me in this - then come on over to my Facebook page each day!

I have to say I'm a bit nervous about this challenge !! I've a couple of ideas - but not enough for 21 days!  I'll have to work hard and research lots!  But once I've committed to this - I WILL DO IT!

I'll post about this again here - in 21 days time!

Wish me luck!


  1. I'd love to hear what you do to grow your blogs.

  2. Thanks Bettina - I'll post it all on facebook - what works, what doesn't and then update here at the end!

  3. go Jill i shall be very interested to follow you too.

  4. All the very best for your goals and aims

  5. Congratulations on accomplishing your 21 day goal. I too would love to hear how you have grown your blog in the past and what things you do in the future. I have 3 blogs that I would love to grow, but not had much success so far.


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