Swimming frog mascot

This week I haven't made a new tutorial myself - instead I tried out someone else's!

This cute little froggy was made using the lovely simple stuffed frog prince tutorial and template from Lil Blue Boo.
So why make a frog?
Well next month, we've been asked to join in a fundraising 24 hour swim at our girls' school. I've been asked to do be the 'creative manager' as it's to be made as fun as possible with lots of decorations for our team tent etc.
The swim manager suggested we name our team a froggy kind of name, so I thought I'd try out a little frog and add some goggles to start us off.

I think he's pretty cute - he is green by the way - just the light and the photo makes him a bit blueish!!

I thought he needed longer legs so made him a friend:

 So I could make several small frogs or maybe I should go for one GIANT one ?

Any suggestions, or froggy decoration ideas would be very much appreciated!



  1. Adorable!
    What about making little, mini ones for the team members using terrycloth (old towels and/or washcloths maybe?) and use a piece of sponge (cut into a froggy shape) as the stuffing? Then the kids can take them into the pool with them. They'd be too small for the goggles though.

    1. What a great idea Ange! It would be so cool to have ones they could take in the pool with them! I'm going to try that!

  2. These look fantastic Jill!! I like Ange's idea of making little ones too. With you in charge this is bound to be heaps of fun and a huge success!!

  3. Hee hee, those goggles! Love them.


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