Want to save money in your kitchen? Try these!

We all know it's the small things that build up over time to cost us lots of money. So start saving now by swapping store bought and single use items for long-lasting and reusable home made versions using these simple ideas and tutorials.

Don't buy kitchen towels!

Why not make your own that you can use over and over again. All you need is an old towel! Get the free tutorial here.

Don't buy cling film (plastic wrap)

You can make your own bowl, cup and plate covers from fabric scraps and a little elastic.

Don't buy zip lock bags or aluminium foil for wrapping snacks.

Make your own snack packs that can be thrown in the washing machine and used over and over again.

Don't buy new Hot Pads or Pot Holders

Use jeans pockets and fabric scraps to make your own!

Do you have any other ideas for saving money in the kitchen by switching to hand made instead of store bought?
Please leave a comment and links to any other tutorials that may be useful for this!

And for over 100 more free sewing tutorials for making all kinds of things and for all levels of sewing ability, please visit my 

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