4 Fab Clothes Upcycles

Several years ago I opened up a linky for people to share their clothes upcycling projects. This is an ongoing linky that now has close to 700 projects linked up.

Every now and then I go through the projects and check all the links, removing broken links from blogs that may have been moved or deleted. A little bit of fun housekeeping as I get to check out all the links again - some of which I've forgotten and plenty of which are new from the last time I looked. Endless upcycling inspiration.

I've just started this housekeeping job once again, so thought I'd share a few of my favourites from the few I've sorted through already.

Made from 2 thrifted skirts, a vintage placemat and tablecloth and some remnant ruffle!

I love the coloured woven detail on this one!

How to make jeans last longer when your kid grows taller? - add pretty ruffles!

One of my favourites here - with the 
'Business in front, Party in the Back' Dress made from t-shirts by Tidbits.

If you have any of your own clothes upcycling projects to share, then please do link them up here.

It's a great resource that just keeps on growing, and gets hundreds of views every day!


  1. I love the pink and grey dress from T-shirts, Jill! And your post only confirms that beautiful stuff are timeless! That is what fashion needs to create as well.
    Thank you;)


    1. Yep - that dress is one of my favourites too!! Thanks Mariana!

  2. Love the "Business in front, Party in back" refashion.


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