Handmade Christmas Softies - Christmas Shouldn't Cost the Earth

Christmas Softies - what a great idea!  There are so many great ideas, patterns and tutorials out there for making your own Christmas cuddly toys.

In past years I've made a few furry and other Christmas creatures for my girls. Here are some pictures of what we have.

A Santa Jem - this is a covered plastic bucket - so is great for putting presents in!

Two small Santa's Elf Jems - these are covered sections of drainpipe - and over the years I've made A LOT of these in various colours to sell and for kids presents. 

They are cuddly and can be filled with all sorts of things (tutorial here)

I also made a small Santa one year. (He's about 30 cm  (1') tall)
And together with a shoe box full of wrapped boxes and a cuddly reindeer we bought - he gets played with a lot each Christmas.

Finally this year I've added a couple of super simple no-sew sock snowmen from an old pair of the girls school socks. stuffed with fabric scraps.

Here are some more Softies that have been linked up to my Christmas parties over the years.

There are plenty more ideas for making Christmas Softies and lots of other Christmas Crafts on our group 

Please do come and take a look - and feel free to request to join as a contributor to this board. The more the merrier!

To see what other topics I've covered in my Christmas Shouldn't Cost the Earth series - go here. And do keep coming back as I'm adding more ideas, projects and tutorials every week!


  1. Such cute little softies, Jill! I have been thinking of making some sock snowmen. Seeing how you created yours reminds me that I need to get busy doing some of these for Winter/Christmas decorating. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Lynn. Those sock snowmen are so easy to make! and they are very cute - great for a simple decoration!

  2. Getting ready for Christmas...Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

    1. Yep - I've started nice and early this year and am well on my way to being organised already!


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