Final preparations for the upcycled stall - another pair of jeans upcycled.

Tomorrow is our school carnival - The Coconut Carnival.
All this year I've been upcycling clothing that I picked up at the end of last year's carnival - some of the unsold clothes from the second hand clothing stall.

I've made heaps of things from sock monkeys to bags and turtles to mini notebook folders.  I still have a few clothes left over and some bags of scraps, notions and seams etc. But I've now run out of time and will just have to save those for another time - maybe next year's stall!

All this week I've been promoting our stall at the school, by upcycling a pair of jeans, a shirt and a pair of socks little by little each day and displaying another one or two items made every morning in the school office window to show what our class stall will be all about.

I first made a sock monkey

Then a pencil case and tissue pouches.

A witchy messenger bag

A turtle 

and a pretty necklace with some scraps and buttons.

The kids at school helped make lots of pretty unique upcycled designer wrist cuffs.

My girls and their friends made the main stall sign yesterday, using fabric scraps and a hot glue gun!

So today and tomorrow morning will be spent labelling and pricing and sorting out the display.

I've spent so much time working towards this carnival stall - to show what can be made and done using the resources we have.
I hope I manage to inspire some people tomorrow and sell lots of upcycled goodies to raise funds for the school!

I shall be posting pictures and updates throughout the day on Instagram and Facebook if you're interested!

Wish me luck!


  1. Have a ton of fun!!! Good luck!

  2. The sign is delightful! And I love how much work and thought you put into the daily window display. You (and the girls and all the kids who helped) should get an award!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I can't believe the day has finally arrived - we're all a little bit excited here. Fingers crossed things sell. It will be a fun day no matter what though!

  3. I'm excited for you and your girls - so much work has gone into this day. Please share on your blog as well for those of us who have not evolved to Facebook and Instagram. If I lived there, I would certainly be buying up a few of those items myself!

    1. Thank you!! And yes, I will put a full report from the day on the blog too!

  4. Okay, that sock monkey is just too cute! I really, really enjoy what you do with the whole idea of reuse and repurpose... it all looks fab!

    1. Thanks Rochelle! He was one of the first things to sell!


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