Another Reusable Upcycled Denim Christmas Card

Last week I made some upcycled denim Christmas Cards that are designed to be reused again and again making them more eco and budget friendly than the usual single-use Christmas cards we send each year!

I'm really pleased with how they turned out - so I've decided to keep on making them.
This week I made a snow globe card.

The card is covered with some grey denim from an old pair of jeans. The snowman is fabric scrap appliqué and the snow globe is some clear vinyl I cut from bed sheet packaging!  The snow in the globe is simply some sequins - mostly white and silver, but one stray red one got in there too!! You just shake the card to make it snow over the snowman!

The card has the design on the front, a clear vinyl pocket on the inside to insert your greeting in (and replace with another greeting to resend) and a printed explanation on the back as to the card being resuable and resendable!

What do you think? Would you send reusable cards like this?
They are easy to make - go here for the tutorial.

If you didn't see them, these are the two other cards I made last week.

To see what other eco and budget friendly things that I've made for Christmas so far - see my Christmas Shouldn't Cost the Earth page. There are ideas for Christmas Crafts, stocking fillers and more being added every week.


  1. Oh em gee, this is just as adorable, really extra clever, Jill!

    1. Thanks Mich! My eldest daughter wants me to 'send' this one to her for Christmas!

  2. Wonderful! I'm still thinking about how to make my Christmas cards this year, but this is too much work I'm afraid.
    But I do, do love your cards! They are too beautiful to pass them on!


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