Cake in a cup - Day 10 Use What You've Got

Last night I decided to try out a recipe that I'd pinned months ago - for a cake in a cup!

There are lots of different recipes out there but I used 
 one from Sweet Little Bluebird.

Apart from being a little confused with the amount of some of the ingredients - like 5 Tablespoons of flour (in a cup?). Once I realised I should just measure everything in teaspoons it was all good!

Here's what it looked like before cooking..

And after just 1 minute in the microwave..

(sorry didn't get a better picture before the toppings were added!)

We added squirty cream, a little chocolate sauce and sprinkles!

My husband and I enjoyed the cake, but my kids were less than impressed. Perhaps it was a vegan cake recipe - with no milk or eggs in it? We don't usually have vegan cakes..

I think to be fair I'll have to try this again with a different recipe.

Does anyone have one to recommend?

Have you ever made a cake in a cup?



  1. I tried this before but it didn't taste as good as I wanted it to! Might try this one again :-)

    1. I think it's easy to overcook them in a cup too. Quite a novelty to have a cake in a cup - I'll certainly be experimenting with this!

  2. I did try making cake in a cup once but the grandchildren didn't like it. hugs!

    1. I think I need to try another recipe for this, didn't realise there were so many different ones out there!


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