Using my Macrame Board - Day 4 - Use What You've Got

For Day 4 of my Use What You've Got challenge, I decided to try a new macrame tutorial that I'd pinned and test out the Macrame board I made for myself a couple of days ago! There's no point in making something and then not using it is there?

It worked really well, holding my threads in place securely.
It was perfect to lay on the table in front of the computer as I followed the picture tutorial.

 The board also sat comfortably on my legs as I worked on the bracelet sitting on the sofa!

This time I followed a tutorial. It was a nice simple straightforward tutorial. One thing I would say is that I cut off around 3 feet of each thread unused at the end, so next time I would only cut 4 feet of each thread to work with!

Again, it's not perfect. I need to work on keeping my threads at the same tension, seeing a few loose loops there!

Overall I'm pleased with this bracelet - and it's super simple so I can show my kids next time and they can make one too!

I have plenty more macrame tutorials on my macrame pinterest board to try out - but would love any other suggestions too!


  1. Very nice bracelet!The macrame board is cool!!!Sooo creative,Jill!!!

  2. I used to make these when I was younger, I must make some again, they are lovely! A x


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