Pins and PIncushions

How important are pins to you when you're sewing?

For me until recently, I just bought cheap pins and assumed that 

"a pin was a pin"

But little did I know.....

I have some very small pins with tiny heads...
But these are small and tricky to get hold of to pull out, so I mainly just use these for pinning up my daughters' sporting ribbons!

Then I have lots of pins with round coloured heads - like these on this cute Christmas pudding pincushion that my daughter was given last year!

However, after posting a picture of the sad state of many of my pins on
 my facebook page recently..

I did receive lots of advice as to what pins to buy.

A few days later I went out and bought these:


Whereas my old pins..

were shorter and would bend easily when I tried to push them through thick layers of fabric, these new pins are longer and stronger and as yet, I haven't managed to bend even one of them! (I've had them about a month now!)

So since I bought some new pins, I decided that I needed a new pincushion to put them in!
Cute, isn't it?

So what kind of pins do you use?

Then of course there is the other question of how you use your pins? Do you put them in the fabric in line with where you're going to stitch, or at right angles to the line of stitching?
Personally I've always put them in line with the stitching:
(see my dodgy bent pins?)
That's the way I learnt and it never occurred to me to do it any other way! Recently however, I've been trying to experiment with pinning at right angles to my stitching to see if it's easier ...
I'm still deciding. It's hard to break a habit!

I even found a whole article written about 
"How to use Pins the Right Way"

Who would have thought that 

"a pin could be so much more than just a pin!"


  1. Great post!I like your new pins and pincushion!
    I use a round coloured heads,but don't have a problem with them, maby only when I pin hard fabrics...

    1. Thanks Anastasia! I've probably expected more of my pins than they can manage - pinning through really thick fabric, lots of layers, or materials you don't usually sew with!! :)

  2. Ah, ha! I have the silk pins and even THEY are not willing to participate in being available when I need them.
    What a great reason to sew up a pin cushion....for my new pins that I am going to get! The Flower Head ones!
    I have always pinned my projects towards the center so I can pull them out with my right hand and stick them into the cushion. Once in a while I will pin as you do, Jill, and the pins will just about draw blood as I slide my fingers along the edges as the machine is sewing. Ouch!

    1. I pin like you do Maria (also if my mum teached me the other way) and I always end with blood out of my fingertips....

    2. Ouch! Yes - I've drawn blood a few times with pins too!

  3. I use pins with colored head (I suppose they're glass made, because they don't melt when ironed) and the pones all made of metal (but they're long as the other ones). Never tried quilt ones (the longer type). I have to admit that I always have to force myself tossing damaged pins... I always think: "Maybe I can still use it!" and the I end with rust on white lace or thread pulled out... not that good!
    I want a new pincushion, now!!!
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

    1. Ha Ha - I'm like you Irene - not good at throwing things out - even when they're broken....

  4. I'm a new follower. Great tips! Carrie, a

  5. Thanks Miranda - and for the invite too - I shall pop on over and link up!

  6. those are wonderful. I think I'd like to get some of those myself. I love the flat end on them too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. xo


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