Just do it - week 3 update.

This was my big project this week:

A lot of sorting, chucking out and endless pencil sharpening - and my girls now have a very tidy and organised work space!
Now it just has to stay that way!

I've also managed to sort through my linen cupboard, all our camping stuff and the pantry.

The pile of extra things in the spare room is growing - as I clear out things I don't want in other spaces, but don't yet know where to put them or even if I'll keep them!
The last job will be to clear the spare room - and that will be a biggie!

Next week I want to tackle - amongst other things - my sewing desk..

Crammed too full - and things aren't easy to get at without everything else falling out at the same time!
And look at that mess up on the top! Deary me!!

I'm really looking forward to getting MY space cleared!

Has anyone else managed to do any good organising or clearing this week?


  1. I convinced Hubby to downsize the behemoth corner desk in his office in favor of a double sided workbench that he and my son can work at together - so the desk is dismantled and waiting on a buyer to pick up this weekend. A few shifts of furniture in my son's room to give more space and a sketch of a plan to move his room further from "little boy" to "a bit bigger boy" once some components go on sale. He's excited and already cleaning up in preparation - bonus effect!

  2. This is great! I've been inspired! I have a space that desparately needs organizing as well! I found you from a comment on another person's blog I was visiting from Happy Hour Friday and am a new follower. It would be great if you'd follow me back at http://parklandparish.blogspot.com/2012/09/pillow-cases.html

  3. Bitch, it looks exactly the same. Do you have a trash can or did you stashed that shit inside the drawers?


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