Men's tie notebook and pen folder tutorial - Father's Day gift idea!

With Father's Day coming up this weekend in many countries, I thought it would be a good time to post this tutorial which I made last year.  
It would make a great upcycled and unique gift for Dad!

To make this you need two ties, a 3cm (1.5") piece of sew-in Velcro, sewing machine, needle and thread!

First take your two ties:

Now you need to cut them, measuring 20cm (8")down, from the widest part of the tie:

Then unpick any labels and the stitching down the centre and open both ties up like this:

Then cut the central white padding part 1cm (0.5") in from the edge, then turn the edge over and pin, then stitch down:

Now lay the ties down as you want the finished folder to be – the front part will be the tie on the left.  Hold the edges next to each other together like this:

Then put the ties flat, with right sides together and pin and stitch them together along the fold:

Now you need to take the remaining part of the tie you are using for the back of the folder – to make the ‘tie’ at the front:

Tie this as you would a normal tie
(Hopefully you’re better at this than me!)
Remember to make it the size you want for the front of the folder – and the ‘neck’ must go around the whole folder with a little to spare.

Turn the tie over, and snip the back part a little longer than the front:

Tuck the end into the front, and secure with a needle and thread:

Now, slip your mini ‘tie’ over the folder you just made, with the front part sitting as you want it when finished:

Turn the folder over, and pin it in place at the back:

Then open the folder out, and repin, making sure you’re only pinning through one layer of the folder tie.  You need to cut the strap, a little past the front part of the folder like this:

Then take one side of your Velcro, and pin to the back of your strap, folding the raw edge under it:

Now turn the folder back over and close it with the mini tie at the front. 

Cut around 3.5cm (1.5") past the edge:

Then fold the raw edge under and pin the other half of the Velcro to it, then stitch in place where you have the 3 pins 
(2 on the Velcro, and 1 on the tie strap at the back of the folder):

Now you’re nearly done!

Open the folder up looking at the inside.
Pin the bottom edges closed and the back part of the folder up the centre:

Now machine stitch where you have the pins and then two more lines on either side of the centre of the back of the folder to make your pencil slots:

Almost there!

The last part is to hand stitch the opening on the front folder closed.  It’s important to hand and not machine stitch this, as you need to be able to slip your notebook in here, so DON’T stitch it to the front of the tie!
To ‘invisible’ stitch, catch in a little of the bottom fabric.

Then a little of the top fabric, then pull the thread through and repeat as you stitch up the seam:

And you’re done!

Now add your pencils/pens and notebook!

For an even more recycled look – make your own notepad from a piece cut from a cardboard box (approx. 17cm x 8cm (6.75 x 3.25"))

and paper cut to the same size
(Use old school notes, junk mail – anything with one clean side).
Then either staple at the top, or punch holes and stitch together using a piece of wool!

Then add to your folder, and you’re ready to go!

 This would make a great gift for Dad!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, there are many more on my tutorials page.
Do go and take a look!


  1. What a fab idea, hubbys ties get less safe every day:)

    p.s. I have passed a bloggy award to you today at my place:)

  2. What a fun idea, Jill. Hubby has a wardrobe full of ties he never wears.

    1. Thanks Pam. There are so many cool projects to try with ties!


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