Drinks belt for running

This Sunday coming I'm running in a race to beat a local train up a hill! (The Kuranda Train race)
Since this is an 18km trail run, I shall need to take drinks with me.
So I decided to make myself a new drinks belt to carry them in! 

I bought a drinks belt a few years back for running. It carries one large bottle:

It's comfortable enough for walking, but when I run, it bounces up and down so much that it's uncomfortable and I end up just carrying my bottle in my hand (which kind of defeats the purpose of the belt!).

You can buy smaller belts which hold smaller bottles, but they cost around $45!  I saw that price and thought - surely I can make myself one of those....

So this week, I used the bottom of an old backpack, and some elastic and fabric scraps and made myself a new belt that holds two smaller bottles.
There was a lot of jogging around our garden testing it and adding buttons and velcro to stop it bouncing about, but I think I finally got it!

I tested it out on a 3km run with my girls and it seemed to work fine! So hopefully it will be ok on Sunday for the big run!

Wish me luck!

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  1. There's no end to your creativity, Jill!!! It's a beautiful part of the world to be running in!!! I've only been up there twice, but one day, I'll go back!!!


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