Fishy progress in my Creative Space

Last week I showed you a bag of scraps of Great Barrier Reef Fabric that I was given.
Well I've made a little progress with my project!

I've been adding some plain colours from my stash.

So far I'm pretty pleased with it!
Over the next week I'm going to try and fill in the gaps!

I'll show you more next week!!


  1. Wow, it is looking good! Going to be a nice quilt!

    1. Thanks Ellen! It's my first attempt at a quilt and I'm just kind of making it up as I go along - so not sure how it's going to turn out...!!

  2. Looks great so far! Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

  3. That's coming along really nicely!

  4. Hey Jill, it's looking good, bit like a jigsaw, putting all the pieces in the right place to get the overall picture.

    Have fun with it...

    Claire :}

  5. Looking bold and charming already! It also looks like hopscotch laid out on the tiles. Are you tempted to hop, skip and jump?

  6. That looks very cool! The end result show look fantastic.

    *popping through from My Creative Spaces*

  7. It looks great. be warned tho' quilting is addictive:)

  8. Lookin' gooood! I am NO quilter... more power to ya!


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