A new insulated and waterproof reef bag!

Last weekend we had another of our regular family trips out to the Great Barrier Reef - which we are lucky enough to have right here on our doorstep!

Since we do go out about once a month - I'm gradually custom making bags for us all - that fit exactly the things we need to take.

I made ones for my daughters last year - and finally last week got around to making one for the adults! Well - ok, for the family!
Here it is:

It's large enough for spare clothes, snacks and drinks.  It does get hot and very thirsty out on the boat for the day, so we take plenty of drinks, which need to be kept cool.

I made this bag using left over scraps from a punctured pool lilo, the last of my silver car windscreen shades (that I used last year to make my insulated lunch bags - tutorial here) ,
and for the lining I used nylon ripstop.
(Note: Just in case you ever decide to sew with left over pool toys..... well I did !!..........I learnt after 2 broken needles, that to sew with rubber pool toy bits - you need to put a piece of paper on top of the rubber when you sew, then tear it off after stitching!!)

So it's all quite waterproof - if a little wonky in places - as I had to patch together the fabrics I had to make the bag the size I wanted!!

I added a zip pocket on the inside for my wallet and phone:

Pockets on the outside for wet swimmers:

And elasticated pockets on either inside for drinks bottles:

We filled it up and used it well last weekend!  It was the perfect size - completely waterproof so we didn't have to worry about anything getting wet, and our drinks stayed cold all day!  Perfect!

I'm very proud of my new fancy reef bag!
There's definitely no other one like it!


  1. Hi Jill, I was happy with your visit!!
    I loved your blog and this bag for the holidays!

    hugs Dolly

  2. Ooo fancy pants!! Great recycling.

  3. Love how you're recycling to make something useful, that is so awesome!

  4. Oooh! Last year (when me and my love were in Oz) we visited the great barrier reef (from Port Douglas) and it was a dream come true for us! So jealous that it's so close to you! I sure loved QLD!

  5. That is really neat! Thank you for stopping by my blog :o)
    I am following you back and look forward to your updates!

  6. Hi Jill, a great practical bag for your days out at sea! It's fantastic that it actually kept everything dry and cool too.

  7. What a great idea - well done. I miss having the great barrier reef on my door step (grew up in Mackay and lived in Townsville for 9 years) I am certain it will get lots of use.


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