Talking coasters - a tutorial

I saw something similar to this sometime last year made with tiles - and thought I'd try it out with fabric!
First I decided to make some to use for daily family dinners.  Now that both my daughters can read - they may add a bit of fun to dinner times!

 I wrote the questions I wanted on the coasters - then printed them onto fabric using my regular computer printer.  I've found this works either with stiff fabric, or by ironing bondaweb / vlisoflex onto the back of any fabric - which then makes the fabric stiff enough to go through the printer.
I have found that black ink seems to work ok, and although it dulls a little in the wash - it stays.  I can't get coloured ink to stay - it just washes out. 
Ironing after printing is supposed to heat set the ink and help it stay on the fabric.

Then I cut each question out - each one was now a size that would fit on a coaster.

To help prevent fraying, I used this around the edges..

Then once it was dry, I ironed each question onto a square of fabric (12cm x 12cm) ..

...and appliqued it on securely.

Then I cut more squares for the backing - also 12cm square.

Then right sides together, I stitched around the edges, leaving an opening to turn out, and trimmed the corners.

Finally I turned the coaster right side out, ironed and topstitched.

Here's the finished set - all ready for a chatty family dinner time!

And the fabric on the reverse even has little hearts on - so we can always use them for valentine coasters!

I also decided to make another set of talking coaster, using these ideas we have in a beer mug for dinner parties...

There - now that looks much better!!

For the downloadable PDF version of this tutorial, click here.

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  1. Thank you for telling me about printing on fabric.

  2. Great idea, we love discussions like that at our dinner table but what a fun way to do it!!!

  3. Your coasters are a really clever idea, great for children to get more opportunities to read. :)

  4. Super cute talking coasters! Doing it on fabric was such a good idea - more family friendly than tiles. I would love to win those cute fishy creations - sign me up for your giveaway, please! Thanks, Jill!

  5. What a clever idea! I love it!

  6. Cute idea for the coasters!! And I am a follower!!

  7. I signed up to follow...visiting from Craft Gossip :) What a great idea for coasters. We have a question game we play at dinner and this would be a wonderful change-up for that game!

  8. what a cute idea!!

    ive never tried printing on fabric. I'll have to try that out.


  9. This is a GREAT idea and I have never tried to print on fabric either so I will have to try it too. Thanks for the great idea. Ann

  10. Following your blog now, lovely fabric you used.

  11. That is so cute. Talking coasters, what a neat idea. Thanks for the inspiration

  12. I am your follower and had like you on facebook :)

  13. i follow you gfc- cute idea and i love the backpack
    tcogbill at live dot com

  14. I like you on facebook

  15. love the DIY on the notebook/pencil holder I am going to have to make me one.

    Adorable giveaway. Our toddlers just started wanting to "pretend" to go to school and the booksacks we have are huge on them, this will be perfect!

    I am following you on your blog as well as on facebook. Glad I found your blog!

    sunlite705@ aol

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  17. Love the fabric and tut! Always wanted a step by step on these. Thanks I follow :-)

  18. Hola!
    Excelente idea! Gracias por compartirla. Un abrazo desde Venezuela!

  19. Sure it is a conversation stater. I love it!!

  20. Thanks for that great idea! This will be an outstanding christmas-gift this year.

  21. I like your ideas and the blog, congratulations!


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