Scrappy Friday

After deciding that it was time to get stuck in to using up my enormous scrap fabric collection - I've been a bit short on time this week!

My girls both went back to school yesterday after 2 months off, and after a big party at our place for Australia Day the previous day, I've been tidying up and cleaning since then!!!

After lunch yesterday, I thought I'd sneak a little time to start a scrap project I've been thinking of all week.

Unfortunately on part one, I managed to break the last of my larger needles!  It just clean broke through in the middle of the eye!!  Ooopps!
So, I decided to leave that project for now, and do a different quick one...

I've got a pot of long thin scraps!  Mmmm!! 
What to do??
I saw something like this while looking around online, and wanted to try it!

A bit of plaiting (braiding), and ....

5 mins later - three scrappy bracelets!

Oh - and after learning how to make fabric yo-yos last week, and making this jewellery set on a scrappy day with my girls....

I got a bit carried away making yo-yos...

Just look how easy it is:
Cut a circle of fabric - look at mine - it doesn't even need to be a perfect circle!
Then, turning the edge over a little as you go - stitch with a simple running stitch -in and out, all the way round:

Then slowly pull the thread and the edges will ruffle up together:

Pull all the way, until you get this:
Then secure with a few stitches - or add a button in the middle, then use to decorate - anything!!

So, using my new yo-yo making skills, I  decided to make a quick Australia Day necklace with some scraps!

All the right colours - I had my Australian flag bikini and sarong on too - so all red, white and blue co-ordinated!
Not bad I thought, until someone pointed out my necklace looked like one of the characters from the cartoon movie Madagascar......  Can you see the resemblance??? Nose, eyes and ears?? Mmmmmm, not sure that's a compliment for my jewellery making skills...

Do come back next week when I'll have a new scrap project to show!

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. I too love the yo-yos! And the braided bracelets are wonderful!

  2. Hi Jill!

    I love your yo-yos! They are too cute! I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog:
    have a great weekend!



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