My Creative Space - teaching my girls to sew

This week my girls learned to make little bags.  My eldest had asked me for a bag that would fit her princess game into (in the picture above) so I thought this would be an easy thing for them to try and make for themselves!  I shall call it the 'Annelise Bag' since it was Annelise who asked for it!

My younger daughter chose something to make a bag for too - her cuddly Kookaburra!  And they chose their materials!

They're getting good with the machine!
Through teaching them, I'm learning myself - learning what I need to explain (like 'right sides together' is better described as 'pretty sides together'; and that it's important to explain which way your pins face when sewing so it's easy to pull them out as you go!)
I also learned not to sew with the stick on velcro.  It's all I had left in white, so I thought we'd just use that -
Great! no need to pin it in place! 
Oh no! the machine needle did NOT like stitching through the glue!
Out came the eucalyptus spray to clean the needle - off came the velcro, and on went black stitch-in velcro!

The girls followed the instructions really well, and were both very happy with their little bags!

Kookaburra didn't like being in the bag - he decided he wanted to fly free - so kitty got the snuggly bag instead!

Afterwards the girls said,
"Oh I wish I'd put a pocket on the outside of the bag"
So next time ...........



  1. Very sweet, they will be master sewers before you know it!

  2. That's a great project. That was my daughter's first project too. :)

  3. Yay, they've been sewing and doing a great job too. You must be so proud :)

  4. Wow - your girls did a fantastic job!!

  5. What great fun. I'm very impressed that you decided to teach both of them at the same time. Be warned now, you'll start finding great holes missing out of the centre of your favourite fabric pieces from where they have helped themselves!

  6. What a great project to teach your girls. My mother always said she would teach me to sew when I was older, and that day never came. i can't even sew on a button to save my life, so hopefully your girls will end up better off than me.

  7. so cool. How old are your girls? My daughter is 5 and itching to craft with me, but I just don't know if she's ready. I'm not sure I'm ready.

  8. Love to see a Mum handing down her talents to her little girls. We don't do much of that now with life being so busy. Even if they don't ever use it at least you had quiet time with them learning, chatting and laughing. Great result though. Kitty looks very comfy in the bag.

  9. It must be the week for it I just helped my daughter with her first sewing project on the machine. We made PJ bottoms.


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