Jewellery hangers

Last year I got around to organising some of my daughters' things.  Their hairties, clips and jewellery, for too long were just stuffed in boxes getting tangled, broken and generally not being used.

First I made them both wall hanger, from an old pair of their jeans, for their hair ties and clips:
These have been a big hit, and have helped keep things much tidier.

But their jewellery was all still in the boxes.  So for Christmas, I made them each a jewellery hanger.
Another big hit with the girls who now have more unicorns and ballerinas in their room!

So the hair ties and jewellery are tidy, now all I need to work on are the toys, the books, the ornaments, the cuddly toys, the clothes............



  1. These are so clever and cute, love the little buttoned straps. Ooh, maybe my room needs more unicorns and ballerinas, too!

  2. These are a great idea. Maybe they would work better for my girls than the jewelry boxes they have.

  3. Great idea & So cute ;)

  4. wow, i love those little pockets and the way you have the bracelets snapped in. you are so creative! great job!

  5. what fantastic ideas! i've saved them to make in the future.


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