The dolls take charge! - part two

"Ok girls, let's get straight into it. We need to get this car painted and pink before I'm setting foot in it!"

"Mmm.. I wonder if this would be a good shade of lipstick for me?'

"Don't you think we need bigger brushes?"

"Oh come on! If we all just concentrate and paint, we'll be done in no time! No thanks to Princess 'I don't want to get paint on my dress' back there!"
"I heard that!"

"All done! Are you sure that paint's dry Princess?"

"Ok let's get on with the tent while the paint dries then."

"Right! A bit of cutting...."

"And a bit of sewing...."

"Why do I always get this job?"

"And of course we need some tent poles. Come on, put your back into it girl!"
"A little help wouldn't go amiss!"

"This isn't as easy as it looks!"

"Sometimes things just don't turn out as you imagine them!"

"Mum! Can you help us please?"

"Ok Girls, you sit and watch so you can do it yourselves next time!"

"Then sew like this...."

"How's that then?"

"Nice and cosy, thanks Mum!"

"Camping is going to be so much fun!"

"I made you a pouch to keep your sleeping bags and mat in too."

"Well girls, I think we're just about ready! We've got our tent, and our sleeping bags."

"Put them in the car, and we're off!"

"Where are we going?"
"I don't know!"
"Didn't you pack a map?"
"Ouch! I just broke a nail!"
Maybe high heels and big hair with crazy make up don't quite go with camping!!
It's my daughter's 5th birthday on Friday, I'm sure she'll persuade the dolls that camping is fun, and take them all over the garden exploring!
Thanks for following this story!


  1. As you were posting on my blog, I was looking at yours. This is a great post. I am going to show it to my daughter. I think we have some sewing projects ahead of us! :)

  2. That is brilliant! Your little one is going to LOOOVE it! Such a fabulous post :)

  3. how adorable! I wan to to make something like this for my niece one of these days!

  4. I love your blog!! Following from Tuesday Tag along..stop by my blog, if you get a chance~
    :0) Melissa

  5. Ha ha ha. This is too funny! Great job!

  6. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier - I'm glad I popped over to visit - the dolls rule!

  7. Very smart. What a sleepover kit! xo m.

  8. Lol! Your little girl is going to love that. My daughter would love to have that for her barbies!!!

  9. Very cute post - your daughter is going to love the camping gear.

  10. Very funny Jill! Very cute tent and sleeping bags. Thanks for visiting my blog (yes they are one of the things I'm going to sell).

  11. hopped on over and this is so freakin' FUUUUUUUUNNY!!!! Love it! Way to entertain during a tutorial!

  12. What a great story! Love the tent and sleeping bags. Now I know what Barbies' do in their "off" time. So funny!! Love the sewing episodes.

  13. oh I love that tent and those sleeping bags!!!
    Do yo have a how to of the tent????
    Hope so!!! the girls will love this...

    Love Miranda

  14. oh my goodness, this too funny. The dolls at the sewing machine might be the best pics i have ever yet seen on any blog! my ds was reading over my shoulder as i looked at this, and he got inspired...he wants me to make a tent and car for his doggies now.

  15. lol! bravo! it's nice!!!!

  16. Not only was this so funny to read, but what a cute idea. My little girl needs some more fun stuff for her barbies:>


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