Safety pincushion with storage

This week I decided it was time to upgrade my pincushion!
Until now, I've been using Sumo JeM here!
He was a sadly unsuccessful trial JeM, who I discovered had rather a useful head!

And a lovely storage space inside..
His only drawback is he's a little unco-ordinated with his legs, and sometimes he gets a bit muddled up!
And even sometimes falls on the floor, his head rolling away, dangerously full of pins!!

So my solution??
Look no legs!  A little more stable!
Side fasteners for the reversible pincushion on top
And still space to keep my tape measure, needles etc safe!

Oh, and Sumo JeM has already been claimed by my daughters, who promise to look after him well!!



  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing that. You have a cute blog too. Glad I found you on Sew Much Ado.


  2. cute and clever! and if the kiddos can't see the tape measure, hopefully it will still be there next time I want to use it.

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