My Creative Space

To sum up my creative week, which marks the start of me finally using all those things I've hoarded saying, "I'm sure I could make something out of this someday...."

I decided to turn this.......

Into this...........

Otherwise known as Space JeM

and into these.......

(also using some fabulous Barrier Reef fabric scraps.....)

6 Fishy Drinks Coasters

and a couple of matching patchwork placemats for those secret dinners in the secret garden!

and finally............

a small snack pouch

just perfect for a sneaky biccie in the handbag!!

I've only actually used one old ripped car windscreen shade, still two more left. I have a secret idea for one! It may take some time!!!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Wow! They are brilliant! Very clever. Hope all is well in your little slice of the world :)

  2. Ooh Space Jem is awesome! That is an extremely clever and original use of materials. Kudos to you!

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm loving being able to share my creations in the blog world!


  4. Great ideas, well done. They're all so cute!

  5. Those sleeping bags should be a big hit, I absolutely love them and your blog. I can see your book already. Anyway I'm here following you both from Tuesday Tag Along and I hope you'll come visit my blog and follow me too?
    Thanks! Really you have a truly interesting and creative blog here.


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