Sewing your way to Plastic Free!

Here are a four simple things you can sew to replace the plastic versions you may currently be using...

Reusable Fabric Bowl Covers - instead of plastic wrap.

Reusable Snack Packs - instead of plastic zip lock bags

Eco-Friendly Produce Bags - instead of small single use plastic bags for fruit and vegetables.

Reusable Shopping Bags from Bedding - instead of single use plastic bags.

Why not make one or all of these things and reduce your plastic usage now!

For plenty more ideas for things you can sew - why not take a look at My Free Sewing Tutorials Page

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  1. I always use reusable shopping bags, but I didn't think about those bowl covers! Thank's for opening my eyes!

    1. Thanks Sigrid! Hope you make some. I need more - I used mine all the time and never seem to have enough!


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