Plastic Free July - will you try?

Plastic Free July started in 2011 in Perth, Australia as a way to raise awareness of the huge amounts of plastic in our lives and the waste this produces.  The aim is to get people thinking about single use plastics in their day to day lives over the course of a month, and to try to eliminate them.

This is no longer just a small movement here in Australia - more than 40,000 people in 90 countries worldwide now participate in Plastic Free July. 

Will you try too?
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Probably one of the most common single use plastic object found in daily life is the plastic shopping bag.
It is also one of the simplest things to cut out of your life simply by taking your own reusable shopping bags with you when you shop.
You can buy some or better still make your own. You need nothing more than an old sheet and some basic sewing skills!

Then there's the fruit and veggies you buy - and the small plastic bags you put those in too.
Once again - reusable bags.
Make your own - these ones are made from an old set of net curtains!

Or keep a folded handibag with you for unexpected shopping. This one is simple to make from a pillowcase!

It's all very well to have all these reusable bags, but how many times have you forgotten to take your bags with you? or left them in the car when you went into the supermarket?
I know I used to do that all the time!

So that's why I designed a special handbag that has all these bags inside, so you never forget your reusable shopping bags again!

Every week I get nice comments from people at the shops, and my weekly grocery shopping looks like this!

To try to help others reduce or even cut completely their consumption of single use plastic shopping bags, I put the sewing tutorials for all of these bags together in an ebook for anyone interested in making a set of their own.
All of the bags can be made using mostly recycled fabrics, and the tutorials are written clearly with plenty of photos meaning that anyone with basic sewing skills and a sewing machine can give these a go.

The e-book is available to download for free!

So why not take this step towards reducing your single use plastic consumption.

Soon you could have your own complete set of reusable shopping bags, never to be forgotten at home or in the car.

To download the book, click this link:

I myself have been using my reusable shopping bags for several years and have refused countless plastic bags.

I have also signed up for Plastic Free July this year to see if there are more ways I can reduce my plastic consumption.
I shall be sharing my journey here and on my Facebook page.

I hope you'll join in too - whether it's by making your own reusable bags or simply by refusing plastic straws.


  1. Ok Jill, I'm going to try. It might be hard. How about if I make more things from plastic this month too, to compensate for the plastic consumer bloopers? I love those lacy net curtain bags!

    1. Good for you Mich for giving it a go! It's great that you make use of some of the crazy small plastic bits and bobs out there in your amazing creations!! :)

  2. Love all those reusable bags! I often use them but when I do have to use a plastic one, I keep them at home to use them again and again for all kind of purposes. But from now on I'll refuse the few plastic bags some stores give me automatically because you're so right!
    ps: the bags for the fruit are my favourites :-)

    1. I like the idea of being plastic free but it's difficult when so much stuff we buy from the supermarket comes wrapped up in plastic. Having said that, the fact that shops now have to charge for carrier bags is making a difference, and I'll be making some of those bags for fruit and veg :). Just wich I could do the same for buying pasta and stuff.

    2. It is frustrating isn't it Anna that we can do a small bit but there always seems to be more plastic to deal with! Small changes are better than no changes at all I believe, so I'll keep on doing my small bit and hope it grows to more and inspires others to do their small bit too!

  3. I've not taken a plastic bag in a shop for years (I have cloth bags in every handbag and a stash in the boot of the car). Here in the UK a 5p per bag charge was introduced a few years ago and I think it has really helped people think before they just grab another bag. I need to look at other ways to reduce plastic now, those little net bags for fruit are brilliant. Thanks

    1. Good for you Julie! Here in Queensland, Australia they are banning single use plastic bags as of next year so hopefully that will make a big difference! I love my cloth shopping bags and get such nice comments on them each week when I use them for the grocery shopping!


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