Travel Advent Calendar Sew-along Day 3

Day 3

So now you have all your numbered pockets finished, it's time to add them to the pages..
First lay out your pages flat.

Then place and pin your numbered pockets on each page.
Start with your front and inside cover and any pretty fabric or applique you have to add to the front page. 

To find where your applique and pockets need to sit, use one of your pieces of card to show you where the page will be on the fabric.  Each fabric 'page' is wider than necessary to allow for fabric to bind for the 'spine' of the book.

So your front page will look something like this.  You also need to allow a little space on the right hand side where the elastic will sit to close the book. 

And your inside front cover will have the pockets slightly to the left but also allowing space for the elastic which will sit there when the book is standing open.

Then each set of pages should have the pockets centred one lot on the left and one on the right - like this.

Finally when you get to your back page, I have nothing on the back cover, but the inside back cover will have pockets, and once again you need to allow space for the elastic to sit just to the right of the pockets.

Once you have all your pockets pinned into place, stitch around the sides and bottom of the pockets with a tight zig-zag or applique stitch to secure the pockets in their places.

Once you have stitched on all of your pockets, you have completed Day 3 of the Travel Advent Calendar Sew-a-long.
Come back tomorrow to continue with the next step!

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