My Pincushion Swap

This year I joined in with my first ever 'swap'. I've seen them mentioned here and there but never really looked into them.  Then this Pincushion Swap with The Scrappy Girls Club popped up and I was inspired to join in!

I've only ever made a couple of pincushions but have been pinning lots on my Pincushions Pinterest Board as there are so many cute ones out there!

I was matched up with a lovely lady called Jenny right here in Australia.  We had filled out a form detailing what colours and fabrics we liked and had been matched up by the Scrappy Girls Club. 

I browsed through lots of Pincushion patterns, eventually settling on this one for a Mini Pouf Pincushion.
Mine didn't turn out quite the same as the picture from the original tutorial.

And when I tested it out with some pins - I felt bad that poor Humpty Dumpty was spiked so much!!

So had to move the pins a little!

I packaged the mini poof pincushion up with a few extra goodies.

A set of fabric coasters I made using scraps of 'Great Barrier Reef' Fabric I was given by a friend.

A small but cute Zip-itself coin purse, which I learned how to make last year.

And then a couple of upcycled denim goodies - because that's just 'me'!
An elephant keychain..

And a boxy denim zipped pouch.

In return, I received the most wonderful package from Jenny.

With not one but TWO gorgeous pincushions!

A beautiful Selvedge Zippered Pouch,

AND some beautiful fabric too!

And all the little details - buttons, zips and tags were just lovely!

I think it's such a lovely idea to connect with other crafters and exchange handmade gifts. It was so exciting to receive my package and I hope my swap partner likes hers too. Hopefully it has arrived now!

I'll definitely be joining in another swap - maybe next year's Pincushion swap - but want to practice making Pincushions before then, so I can come up with a fabulous one to send next time!

Have you ever joined in a swap? What did you swap? And what extra goodies did you send or receive? I would love to hear other swap stories!

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