5 Stunning Storage Solutions to Sew

Have you ever had problems storing particular items - maybe you have too many of them or you want to put them in an awkward place.  These are 5 solutions I've come up with over the years to storage problems I've had. Maybe they can help you too.

If your fridge is anything like ours, there are endless small magnets holding up scraps of paper with notes on, vouchers, coupons etc.  To tidy up your fridge you can make these super simple and quick fabric pockets with a sewn in magnet. Perfect for slipping in all those coupons, notes, vouchers and even pens and pencils for writing more notes!

I have 2 daughters who at an early age began to accumulate endless pretty clips, ties and bows to put in their hair. But where to keep them all?  Hang them up on the wall !  All you need is an old pair of kids' jeans, and some pretty pink fabric!

 For some reason we have a LOT of caps in our house. To tidy them up and make them easy to find, I made this simple hanging cap holder with easy velcro straps.

Too much paper work for the space available? I created this hanging fabric in-tray from a wire coat hanger, cardboard and fabric so you can make use of the space under your shelves as well as on top of them!

These are my favourite little storage solution - Little Jems. Made from sections of PVC piping and scraps of fur and other fabric, they are cute, cuddly and make great novelty desk tidies, jewellery holders or even drinks holders! They are also great gifts for kids who love to keep all their special trinkets in them!

Do you have any storage solutions? I'd love to hear from you and your ideas. Or perhaps you have a storage problem - maybe I can help you find a solution!

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