Suggestions and Opinions needed for my latest jeans upcycle

Today I made this:

It's the front of a hanging jeans pocket organiser. I saw one like this on pinterest and have been wanting to try it for myself.
So I used some old cut up jeans:

And played around with the pockets and waistbands..

And amazingly only bent one machine needle while stitching through all those thick seams!

But now I'm not sure how to finish my hanging organiser.

I need to cover the back somehow:

My thoughts at the moment are to either 

1. Cut  piece of buckram (very stiff cloth used for stiffening) to help it hold its' shape. Cover that, then just stitch it to the back of the hanger.


2. Cover the back with fabric and slide in a sheet of stiff card to help it hold it's shape.

Then I think I'll hang it using a short piece of dowel rod slipped through the belt loops at the top and some ribbon for the hanging loop.

What do you think?

I'd welcome any opinions and suggestions or alternatives!



  1. It looks great, and I am in awe of your perseverance sewing through all of that denim!
    I would be tempted to cover the back with fabric and slip in a sheet of thin perspex (plastic). It will be light and stiff and more robust than cardboard over time.

    1. Oh perspex! Now that would be really sturdy! Thanks for the suggestion Fiona! :)

  2. Depending on how stiff buckram is (I'm not familiar with that product), I'd do one right behind the pockets and one behind fabric and attached. If it's not too stiff, then do just one side. You did a great job Jill.

    1. If you do put some kind of card, once it gets wet, it'll pretty much be ruined.

    2. Thanks Faith. Good point about the card getting wet. Maybe the buckram is a better choice.


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