A solution to my problem!

Last week I posted that I'm looking at my fabric and clothes upcycling stash in a different way.
I'm looking at :

Problem - Solution

As a way to really look at the things I need to do, and find a way to achieve those things.

The first problem is this pile of notebooks and pencils etc that I bought last year because they were ridiculously cheap and I thought I could use them in making something to sell.

They have then sat in a bag in my stash for a long time with no progress.

But now I have made progress!
Today I worked on making little fabric folders to put them in. I wanted to make something that could still be used after the notebooks and pencils have been used up. With these folders you can endlessly replace the notebooks and pencils etc.

So here's my first try:
 A simple folder with a zip all the way around.

It was tricky to get the zip right and it still wasn't straight in the end.
I didn't like this one, but may return to it another time and work on that zip!

So next I made this one which I was much happier with:

It has a simple button and elastic fasten, and sturdy cardboard inside to help it hold its shape.

There were a couple of things I'll do differently for the next ones, but I'm happy with the basic design, and ready to start cutting the next load of clothes from the carnival stash.

I've printed a few quotes onto fabric ready for the front of the folders:

The two little folders I made today will go to my girls - a little surprise for them when they come home from school today!
(they haven't had anything in their envelopes for a while!)

Tomorrow will be spent sewing up a set of these little notebook folders for the school carnival! 
I'll post pictures when I'm done!

To see what else I've made for the school carnival so far, go here.

Do you have anything that you've bought to make something with, but never actually done anything with it? Maybe it's time to take a look at it again!


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