Surinam Cherry Jam

We have 2 Surinam (Brazillian) Cherry trees in our garden.

 Every year they produce lots of the cute lantern shaped fruit.

The fruit has quite a tart, sour taste and I'm the only one in our family who really likes them, and there are only so many tart cherries I can eat.

So every year, lots of these cherries just fall from the tree and go to waste.
This year I'm determined to

Use What I've Got

and make something with these cherries so that they get eaten rather than wasted.

Yesterday morning I went out and picked all the ripe red cherries I could find.

I washed them, removed the stalks and small green leaves on their bases, then squeezed them over a jug to remove the stones.
The pulp I got looked a lot like tinned tomatoes!

I ended up with 2 cups of the pulp, to which I added 2 cups of sugar and then simmered this in a pan for around an hour until it thickened to jam consistency.

Then poured it into an empty jar.
And voil√† - a jar of Surinam Cherry Jam!

Hopefully this means that more than just me will eat these tasty cherries!


  1. I haven't seen those types of cherries! I am saving the recipe though cause you never know!

  2. I have these bushes as well, and I am one who cannot stand them. I called our county extension office one time years ago, to see if they had any recipes for them, and the only one was a jam. I could not stand it. I hope your good work pays off for you. I just think they taste like gasoline! You are like me tho, in at least trying to use them in some way! Best wishes!

  3. I have never seen these! So beautiful, I want them to be beads. I love tart cherry anything,the jam looks amazing!

  4. That jam looks so good! I have never tasted a Brazilian Cherry and wonder if they taste anything like a more common cherry, such as a Bing Cherry. What a beautiful red color they are when you made them into the pulp and jam! I am sure the answer has got to be yes, but is the jam good or did you taste it yet? I enjoyed the post and finding out about Brazilian Cherries!


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